Woosah’s Story

Woosah was started in 2015 right here in Seattle all because a little Texan decided to share her massage skills with the world. Emily Tsourmas started a massage practice in Ballard and day by day it grew. I have learned a lot, had some bumps along the way, but a lot of fun too.

I offer Standard Table Massage sessions for your everyday relaxation or deep tissue massage. I specialize Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, where I use our feet to do all the work! It is highly effective and sought out by people all over this city.

Ashiatsu is an awesome type of massage where the practitioner uses her feet to perform the massage! It is the deepest kind of pressure you find, while amazingly still being relaxing. The padded foot allows for more pressure to the body than a pointed elbow or finger. Being broader, the foot massages more surface of the body as well, creating a very complete feeling.

Ashiatsu has many roots, some from India, some from Japan and China. However the practice of using oil, on a massage table with ceiling-bars for balance was created right here in the good ole U.S of A by a nice lady named Ruthie Hardee- here’s her website.

Ashiatsu practitioners train in basic techniques, advanced two-footed moves, and Ashi-Thai, which uses Thai stretches but with Ashi flare! The foot becomes as specialized as a hand, knowing where a it can go, where a lot of pressure can be given and discovering adhesions along the way. Ashiatsu has been making waves across the country and now is creating a loyal following in Seattle. Come check out why people won’t go anywhere else.

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