Woosah’s Story

Woosah started in 2015 right here in Seattle all because a little Texan decided to share her massage skills with the world. I’m Emily Tsourmas, licensed massage therapist and master esthetician.

Woosah is all about chilling out and letting the good vibes roll. My practice is centered on awesome massage techniques, but also an environment that allows for real human connection.

I offer Standard Table Massage sessions for your everyday relaxation or deep tissue massage. I also specialize in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, where I use my feet to do all the work! It’s amazing and you definitely need to try it :).

Ashiatsu is where I walk all over you and compress your muscles completely! It is the deepest kind of pressure you will find, while amazingly still being relaxing. The padded foot allows for more pressure to the body than a pointed elbow or finger. Being broader, the foot massages more surface of the body, creating a very complete feeling. The foot becomes as specialized as a hand, knowing where a it can go, where a lot of pressure can be given and discovering adhesions along the way.

At the Woosah studio you can find my dog Fletcher keeping us company during your session, spreading the Wooooosaaahh. I encourage you to pick your own music if you like and make the best of your time on the table!

Come check out why people won’t go anywhere else.

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