How to get your best massage ever!

Sometimes the difference between a massage and a GOOD massage is just a little preparation.

1. Learn the names of the muscles you want worked on. Too often clients come in with an issue, but don’t convey where exactly they need bodywork. For example a shoulder can be either the deltoid, the trapezius or rhomboid area. Knowing the muscles will ensure that your therapist works in precisely the right spot!

2. Choose your own music. Again this is your session and to get the most out of it make sure the atmosphere is conducive to your enjoyment. Most offices use Pandora or Spotify, so come in with a genre suggestion of your choice. Most massage therapists will welcome the change.

3. Layout the time-frame for your session. It might sound knit-picky, but if you are in dire need of extra attention somewhere speak up before you get on the table. Ask your therapist to allocate 20-25 minutes on the neck and 15 minutes on your feet, we don’t mind.

4. Focus on the task at hand. Our minds wander constantly. During a massage the intention is to get away from your daily world. So try to be conscious of where your thoughts are going. Try focusing on massage itself and how your muscles are responding, not the grocery list! A sure fire way to relax your brain is to get a head massage. Direct stimulation seems to quiet the mind.

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