Massage therapy can often be covered by insurance, whether it be through auto-insurance or health plans.

We currently ONLY bill out of network for Premera health insurance company, but have found adequate coverage for employees from Amazon or Sound Transit and other larger companies. Premera insurance plans only cover 60 minute sessions. For those clients who choose to have additional massage time or other services over and above what their insurance plans routinely cover it is the financial responsibility of the client for these additional services or additional time. We are currently accepting new Premera clients.

We also require a prescription with a diagnosis code from a physician prior to your massage session in order to submit any claim. If you we do not have your prescription at the time of your scheduled session you will be financially responsible for that treatment.

We do not routinely verify massage benefits. It is the responsibility of the client to check with their healthcare insurance company to ensure coverage.

We do not accept insurance plans that require Evicore or pre-authorizations.

The usual, customary and reasonable insurance rate for a massage hour at Woosah Massage is $140.00. We do offer a prompt payment discount to anyone paying for their service the same day as their appointment as reflected on our Services/Pricing page.

If you have questions or concerns please ask before your appointed time and delivery of services.