“Hi Emily – I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to let know my body is really thankful for the wonderful massage yesterday. So far range of motion is better, body feels much looser, and quads have a feel good ache. I look forward to our next session.”

Ahhhhhhmazing! As a massage therapist myself, we tend to be a bit pickier than others. I have had many many massages in my life and Emily is one of the best therapists I’ve had by far. She’s knowledgeable of the body and muscular system. She knows exactly what areas to focus in on and gives spot on homework for me to do that has improved my body and posture exponentially. Her work is deep & effective while still being incredibly relaxing. Her hands & feet are magical muscle melters! I highly recommend her!”
-Whitney H.

Emily gets 5 stars, deserves 10 stars! I give myself 1 star for only booking 60 minutes instead of 90. I had been having some foot pain for a while, I work on my feet and put about 8-10 miles a day in work boots. It can be a labor intensive job that uses several muscle groups. I came to Emily feeling a bit worn out and came out feeling like a brand new man! The pain in my feet and legs are pretty much non existent and she does a great job of listening to you when it comes to pressure or working on problem areas. I will definitely be back soon and would recommend her to anyone! Nice work Emily!”
-John E.

I couldn’t improve on the experience here. The massage was excellent and the whole experience of arriving, consulting and quietly dressing is so relaxing in this small, quiet space.”
-Kim H.

TIPS: How to Get Your Best Massage Ever